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Government Of Assam Hill Areas Office of the Development Commissioner for Hill Areas of Assam

About & History of Department

The office of the Development Commissioner for Hill Areas of Assam is the Commissionerate under the Hill Areas Department. The Commissionerate allocates funds primarily to Autonomous Councils of Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills (since renamed as Dima Hasao) under State Own Priority Development (SOPD) after getting the total quantum of the fund from the Finance Department. It is the co-ordinating, monitoring and evaluation agency for the developmental schemes implemented by both the Autonomous Councils. This office also complies the physical and financial progress report of the entrusted and non-entrusted schemes of all sectors and furnish the same to the Niti Aayog and T & D Department. The Commissionerate also co-ordinate with T & D Department as well as Niti Aayog on various developmental issues. Both the hill districts are administered subject to the special provision of the Sixth Schedule (Part-I) to the Constitution of India which confers certain measures of autonomy. Both the Autonomous Council is democratic decentralized institution with participation of people at the grass root level. Planning and implementation of various schemes are being undertaken by the Autonomous Councils.

These hill areas are administered subject to the provisions of the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India which confer a certain measure of autonomy on these areas. As suggested by the then Chief Minister Shri B.P. Chaliha, the Joint Centre-State Study Team was constituted in 1965 by the Planning Commission to study the development programmes of the Hill Areas of Assam. The team was headed by Shri Tarlok Singh, the then Member, Planning Commission, which later became known as Tarlok Singh Committee. Shri Singh suggested to “ (1) Constitute a Planning Board for the Assam Hill Region which should be presided over by the Chief Minister and (2) to appoint a Development Commissioner for the Assam Hill Region who would also function as Secretary to Planning Board for the region”. Accordingly the Office of the Development Commissioner for Hill Areas was created in 1966 mainly to promote the developmental works in the Hill Areas of Assam more or less in the same line as that of the Planning and Development Department (P&D Department) for the plains areas of the state as indicated by Finance Department, Govt. of Assam.

It may be mentioned that earlier P&D Department was allocating sectoral allocation under Plan Schemes to its department, including Hill Areas till 2016-17. This practice is discontinued forthwith as the Plan and Non Plan are being merged from 2017-18 onwards. Instead Finance Department based on assessment made and communicated by P&D Department has now made the sectoral allocation for both the Autonomous Councils of Karbi Anglong and N C Hillsn which is now onwards called as State Funding for Priority Development (SFPD) in 2017-18. The SFPD allocation includes State Own Priority Development (SOPD) previously called as State Plan Schemes, Central Share and corresponding State Share of CSS and under Government of India Schemes, such as NLCPR, NEC, EAP and RIDF. Both the Autonomous Councils are instructed to make grant wise budget proposal based on the indicated sectoral allocation and for submission the same to include in the State Budget.

2) List of Development Commissioner for Hill Areas, Assam

Sl. No.NameFromTo
1Sri E.H.Pakyntein,IAS02/11/196631/03/1968
2Sri A.N. Kidwai,ICS01/04/196807/04/1968
3Sri N.K. Rustomji,ICS08/04/196809/12/1968
4Sri Ramesh Chandra,IAS12/12/196814/03/1969
5Sri R.S. Paramasivan,IAS15/03/196916/06/1970
6Sri Ramesh Chandra,IAS17/06/197015/12/1970
7Sri B.W Roy,IAS16/12/197015/03/1974
8Sri P.H. Trivedi, IAS16/03/197417/10/1976
9Sri R.S. Paramasivan,IAS18/10/197615/12/1976
10Sri P.N. Rau, IAS16/12/197614/03/1979
11Sri S. Goswami, IAS15/03/197931/05/1979
12Sri K.S Rao, IAS01/06/197924/01/1980
13Sri S.D.Phene, IAS25/01/198002/03/1980
14Sri P.N.Rau, IAS03/03/198030/01/1981
15Sri K. S. Rao, IAS12/02/198101/05/1981
16Sri S.P.Hazarika, IAS08/05/198121/06/1981
17Sri S.D. Phene, IAS22/06/198129/07/1983
18Sri M.P.Bezbaruah, IAS08/08/198321/08/1983
19Sri S.D. Phene, IAS22/08/198323/04/1984
20Sri J. Changkakati, IAS24/04/198429/04/1985
21Sri A.M.Barua, IAS30/04/198525/07/1985
22Sri T.K. Kamilla, IAS27/07/198503/04/1986
23Sri H.K.Mazumdar, IAS04/04/198602/09/1986
24Sri T.K. Kamilla, IAS03/09/198618/05/1988
25Sri M.S. Pangtey, IAS06/06/198825/06/1991
26Sri C. Baburajeev, IAS26/06/199124/11/1991
27Sri P.K. Dutta, IAS25/11/199129/04/1993
28Sri T.K. Kamilla, IAS11/05/199331/05/1993
29Dr. D. Das,  IAS01/06/199311/07/1993
30Sri L. Rynjah, IAS12/07/199307/12/1993
31Dr. D. Das,  IAS08/12/199331/08/1994
32Sri S. Kabilan, IAS01/09/199408/08/1995
33Sri J.S.L. Vasava, IAS06/09/199518/08/1996
34Sri B.K.Misra, IAS19/08/199609/06/1997
35Smt. E.Chowdhary, IAS10/06/199709/08/2000
36Kumari Parul Devi Das, IAS09/08/200011/06/2001
37Sri H.S.Das, IAS11/06/200102/07/2001
38Mrs. T.Y. Das, IAS02/07/200118/11/2002
39Sri Harish Sonowal, IAS18/11/200224/02/2004
40Sri L. Rynjah, IAS24/02/200430/04/2004
41Dr. Prem Saran, IAS06/05/200411/10/2006
42Sri K.K.Mittal, IAS11/10/200608/05/2008
43Dr. Prem Saran, IAS08/05/200814/09/2009
44Sri Harish Sonowal, IAS14/09/200928/02/2010
45Sri K.D.Tripathi, IAS02/03/201007/06/2011
46Sri M. C. Jauhari, IAS08/06/201108/09/2011
47Sri Sailesh , IAS09/09/201112/03/2012
48Dr. M. Ariz Ahammed, IAS02/04/201224/08/2012
49Md. Mahtab Uddin Ahmed, IAS27/08/201230/10/2014
50Dr. A. K. Sing, IAS30/10/201427/02/2015
51Sri Ajay Tewari , IAS27/02/201522/09/2016
52Dr. Anwaruddin Choudhury, IAS13/10/2016